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released December 25, 2012

All songs written and performed by Tensor, with the exception of:
Lyrics for Glasspile - Chris McClean
Vocals on Cuntrol - Erin Riles

Recorded at Opal Studios, Kingston, NH
Mastered at Project Sound, Haverhill, MA



all rights reserved


Tensor Massachusetts

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08/16/2014 - Middle East Upstairs, 1 PM Cambridge MA
08/18/2014 - Church, 8 PM Boston MA
08/22/2014 - Cantab Lounge, 8 PM Cambridge MA
09/14/2014 - Midway Cafe, 4 PM Jamaica Plain MA
09/24/2014 - Lucky Dog, 9 PM Worcester MA
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Track Name: Fruit Punch
Hand over fist
Grey market affluence
They call it underground

Smell of entitlement
And NPD's
Really bringing me down

You come in here
You piece of filth
This ain't your place
Just quit it

And now
Can't come around
Try to relate you find
Proscriptions and majority come easier when sipping on contempt
Black out
Face down in your mothers tits
Mistakes will happen so
Defer responsibility, unhook her bra, latch on and take a pull

Unpasteurized relations
Tend to turn sour
Give'em a yard, they'll take an inch
And still expect the difference
Track Name: Emaciated
Chaffing I'm sore, living wet dream
Yea people get off on using me
Locale's just a function of pay
And the clients always stay the same
I don't mind cigarette smoke
Expanding frontal lobe's a joke
My pity was institutionalized
I got a dick full of spite

Amphetamines my owner used to feed me
His significant, a deadbeat
Maintain bladder control, but I still piss on the floor
And I love the feel of slipping fingers in mass appeal
Pump my veins and manage mean
Dosage increase
There's something wrong with me

I'll spread you thin
Now say my name
Say it again

Well I don't know it's kind of hard to speak with this load in my throat
As for my head it's been emptied now
But I'm still coming down
5/500's everyday served everyway
Staring at Big Lurch in heat
Phencyclidine, come take a piece
Know what I mean?
Know what I mean
Know what I mean
Fucking eat me
Track Name: Stop the Vote
False cities open up their doors
Nothing to be found here but vagrants and power whores
Basement elitist and the closet rich
We're all just searching for a way to scratch that itch

And I don't know,I might be wrong
But sometimes I don't feel like singing other people's songs

Do you hate the man that tears down walls?
What about the one that drops the bomb
They say that god will save us all
The only question is what from

So stop the vote
Just stop the vote
It's our only hope
From turning into one of them
Pretending they are my friends

Stop it, riot
Fucking, buy

This is a world of wasted youth
But the problem isn't just substance abuse
It's that nobody
Gives a fuck
Track Name: Glasspile
Surfing at home
All alone
I'm so rich
Indoor surf pool fun, yea

Hang ten
Stunt freak
Can't hang on
Head first into glasspile, glasspile

Tripped and fell what a hell
Tripped and fell what a hell, yea

Surfing at home all alone, I'm so rich
indoor surf, surf pool fun, hang ten
Stunt freak cunt, can't hang on, head first into

You fell into a
You fell into a
You fell into a
You fell into a
You fell into a
You fell into a
You fell into a
Track Name: Pro-
More alcohol, carcinogen
Underachieve, do it again
It's "please sir can I have some more"
Not "that's enough, I'm pretty sure"
Find a flight and take a trip
Start your after morning drip
My faith's above and in the double dose
Overexposed and comatose

You won't
Can't buy the piece of mind I need
Don't have the cash
But I'll get you back maybe

Lie in the street, a bump for speed
Let's see some functionality
Decreasing sensitivity's
A killing practicality
Act like an adult, fuck in the butt
Tie your tubes in a double knot
Don't wanna read a calendar to screw
Harder on me than it is on you


You need my help to figure out
What's good for you is better for me
Eschew (avoid) moral majority
My backbone's surely made of glass
Million pieces, drop of a hat
Those pro-control, man I despise
You have say, I change my mind

I decide
Track Name: Cuntrol
Make me sing I want to dance
Follow your steps, led by your hand
What's mine is yours and yours is yours
It's not so bad

Anymore, I don't need it but I want it
Anymore, I don't want it but I need it
Allow me to introduce
This strap-on, he's my timecard
You're gonna feel like my dead end job

On and off the clock
I am punching in and out
Open my mouth and burn in hell
Warmer in here, you couldn't tell

Already decomposed
Leave out a grain of salt
So I can taste you on my tongue
Owned by most, given to some

Anymore, I don't need it but I want it
Anymore, I don't want it but I want it
We can find a another grave to rob
This cadavers gone
I saw it walk, started to speak and


Anymore, i don't want it but I need it
(Find another grave to rob, this cadaver's gone)
Anymore, if you got then I'll have it
(Another grave to rob, this cadaver's gone)
Anymore, I don't care if I don't like it
(Another grave to rob, this cadaver's gone)
Anymore, keep me sedated, I'll still take it
(Another grave to rob, this cadaver's gone)
Anymore, I don't want it I don't need it
(Don't you frown, smile and fake)
Anymore, I don't want it I don't need it
(The dirty souls tend to make bad decisions)
Anymore, I don't want it I don't need it
(Bad decisions)
Anymore, I don't want it I don't need it, I said go

I said go
I say go
I said go
I say go
Track Name: Free Weed (Maybe Next Time)
Next time, we'll get it right
For now we can't succeed
But it happens to the best of us
So we're led to believe
While our shame is now exposed
Hanging limp, tired, and lame
It still gave us all a boner
Stiff and strong brought on by shame

Shame boner